Read What Rehab at Shannondell Patients Say About Their Stay

Hip, Hip Hooray for Doris

Two new hips in two years meant two trips to Rehab at Shannondell for Doris. After both surgeries she came directly from the hospital to our rehab facility where she spent two weeks each time.

I didn’t need much medical care, but the nurses are right there when you need them. Everyone is so friendly and polite, from the physical therapists to the housekeeping staff.

I had therapy two, sometimes three times, a day. The therapist comes right to your room and escorts you to the therapy gym. The therapists are all very qualified and caring. If you seem worn out, they allow you to rest.

I loved my private room. It was nicely furnished with comfortable chairs. The bathroom was also nice and the shower was easy to get in and out of.

The dining is wonderful as well. I took most meals in my room, but you can also eat in the dining room. The food is not anything like hospital food. They have a good menu selection, take pride in their food and it shows.

Between children and grandchildren, I had a lot of visitors. They could come any time, and everyone was very welcoming to them.

Rehab at Shannondell is the perfect place to recover and regain your strength.

Successful Rehab: A Holiday Gift for Barbara

After taking a “spill” over the holidays, Barbara went to Rehab at Shannondell for her recovery and felt right at home.

It was Thanksgiving morning when I fell. Luckily, I didn’t break anything. I chose Rehab at Shannondell as I had recovered from a former medical condition there and enjoyed the experience.

My rehab experience was wonderful. I had physical and occupational therapy two times a day. We worked on stretching, standing and the mobility of my hands. As a result, I feel much stronger today.

The staff was most accommodating, particularly the floor nurses. Of course, I knew most of them from my prior stay. They’re very glad to answer your questions. There’s also a nice routine there, meaning they’re focused on your therapy, but they also allow you time to rest.

Visitors can come any time, and the food is good. I ate my meals in my room, but you can go to the dining room if you like.

Having experienced other rehab facilities in the past, I can tell you that Rehab at Shannondell is much better. They made me feel like I was their only patient.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Kathy was familiar with Rehab at Shannondell because her mother came here for rehab after a fall. When it came time for rehab after her own knee replacement, Kathy had no question about where she would go.

I live near Rehab at Shannondell, so it was very convenient to rehab there. When you’re released from the hospital, it’s unlikely you’re going to do what they tell you on your own. So in my opinion, rehab is an absolute must for a fast and successful recovery.

The physical therapist came the first morning I was at Shannondell and we got right down to business. I had physical therapy twice a day and occupational therapy once a day. The doctors also showed up quickly and they were great as well.

My stay lasted just 10 days. My room was spacious, the surroundings were beautiful, and I had no problems sleeping, either!

Another pleasant surprise – the dining experience was phenomenal – both the quality of the food and the service! I ended up going to the dining room for all of my meals.

Rehab at Shannondell is a beautiful place and the people are nice and considerate.

Art Puts His Heart in the Right Place

After heart surgery, Art chose to return to Rehab at Shannondell to recover. Rehab from a former knee replacement led him to Shannondell.

My surgery was quite serious — almost an emergency. I was in the hospital for about a week before starting rehab. I had been to Rehab at Shannondell before, so it was a given that I’d recover there after my heart surgery, even though they offered cardiac rehab at the hospital where I had surgery.
Rehab at Shannondell is so comfortable. You are meticulously cared for by the rehab staff. They relate well to everyone. The medical staff is also very attentive and prompt with medications and answering calls.

One thing that stood out to me was that they’re all very well coordinated. The nurses in the hall know what’s going on with your physical therapy. They gave me a folder when I left, detailing the medications I was taking and the therapy I should do on my own. It was very well organized.

One special note: we have a family of four daughters and we had a birthday to celebrate. Rehab at Shannondell arranged for us to have the birthday party in a private room. It was very special.

Joe Enjoys a Palatial Recovery

After 21 days in the hospital for a cardiac issue, Joe moved to Rehab at Shannondell for therapy and healing. During his 18-day stay, he slept well, ate well … and recovered well.

We live close to Shannondell, but I had never visited. So when it was time to leave the hospital and move to Rehab at Shannondell, I didn’t really know what to expect.

When we arrived there, I thought I was in a palace — that’s how nice it is! I’ve been to luxury hotels in beautiful locations, and Rehab at Shannondell was just as nice.

They met me at the door with a wheelchair and were so welcoming. For the first day or so, I settled in, and then got started with my rehab, which took place twice a day. The occupational therapists helped with things like showering and shaving — everyday activities that help you function well at home. The physical therapists helped me regain my strength in my legs and arms. When I arrived, I couldn’t even walk, but they had me up and walking in four days. First with a walker, then with a cane.

The doctors, nurses, aides and therapists — they’re there to do a job. They’re very thorough and they like what they do. I was very well taken care of.

In terms of the living experience there, it was amazing. The room was cleaned every day. It was quiet. And the meals — it’s like a five-star restaurant! Filet mignon, prime rib, rack of lamb. Everything was delicious.
Every doctor I see, I tell them to send their patients to Rehab at Shannondell — that’s the place to go!

An Outstanding Medical Rehab Experience

Leonard and his wife chose Rehab at Shannondell for her recovery from colitis.

There are many rehab options nearby, but we’d heard good things about Rehab at Shannondell. We were not disappointed.

My wife was extremely ill when we arrived. She’d been in the hospital for a week, and our goal for rehab was to get her stable and strong enough to come home. In addition to her colitis, she suffers from Parkinson’s.

Her rehab experience was very good. The service was really outstanding. In particular, the nurses’ aides were so courteous, friendly and polite. They really spend a lot of time with the patients, and they know their job. In fact, all of the personnel there have been well selected and trained.

It’s also a really nice place — it looks like an upscale hotel. All of the rooms are private, and visitors are allowed any time. Outside my wife’s room was a sitting area with a beautiful view.

My wife had both physical therapy and occupational therapy to build her strength and improve her daily living skills and is now doing much better thanks to Rehab at Shannondell.

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“Rehab at Shannondell is like an upscale hotel. All of the rooms are private and visitors are allowed any time.”

– Leonard
Medical rehab spouse