Preparing for Your Stay at Rehab at Shannondell

When you arrive at Rehab at Shannondell, you’ll be welcomed by our friendly staff and assisted to your private room, which includes a private bathroom and shower.

To make you feel at home, we invite you to bring personal items such as your favorite pillow, blanket or family pictures. You are also welcome to bring a laptop, tablet computer or e-reader. Free wireless internet access is available throughout our facility.

You will achieve better results with your rehab plan when you are comfortable in your environment. With that in mind, when you come to Rehab at Shannondell, we suggest you bring along a few personal items — such as your favorite pillow or blanket, cell phone, e-reader, laptop and family photos — to make you feel at home.
You’ll also need to bring:

  • Photo identification
  • Proof of insurance — Medicare, Medicaid, managed care and prescription cards
  • Medical documents — such as power of attorney, guardian or healthcare surrogate
  • Comfortable clothes — You will be busy and working hard during your stay here. It’s important that you have comfortable clothes that you are able to exercise in. We highly recommend that you bring clothing that can be layered so that you can maximize your comfort throughout the day – whether in therapy, resting indoors or enjoying the weather outside.

Soon after your arrival, you’ll receive a visit from one of our licensed registered nurses who will complete a full assessment to ensure that your plan of care is appropriate. Early in your stay, one of our licensed therapists will visit with you to complete your initial evaluation and begin discussing your short- and long-term rehabilitation plans. Our clinical team will outline your plan of care, including goals and important milestones, and answer any questions you might have about your therapy or stay at Rehab at Shannondell.

Upon admission, our registered nurses are in contact with the attending physician who will be managing your care during your stay. This attending physician will meet with you during your first few days with us to review your overall plan of care, make sure your questions are answered and that you are comfortable with your treatment plan. A nurse practitioner will also be consistently monitoring your care and will be in constant communication with you, our registered nurses, therapists and your physician to ensure that you progress through your rehab quickly with the goal of getting you back home, healthy and as soon as possible.

When patients are not working toward their personal rehab goals they can take advantage of daily social activities including games, socials, cooking classes, pet therapy and spiritual gatherings. Additionally, free wireless internet service, ample cell coverage, phones available in every room and 24/7 visitation make it easy and convenient to stay in touch with friends and family.

Download our Rehab Checklist.

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“The Rehab at Shannondell therapist comes right to your room and escorts you to the therapy gym.”

– Doris
Orthopaedic rehab resident