Why Cardiac Rehab?

As you plan for your recovery from heart surgery or hospitalization:

  • Is someone available to help you at home 24/7 as you heal?
  • Will you be capable of daily activities such as dressing, cooking and bathing on your own?
  • Will you be strong enough to return to your regular lifestyle right away?
  • Will you be able to maintain a specific exercise program at home?

If there’s any concern about the mobility and strength required to accomplish these tasks post-surgery or post-hospitalization, cardiac rehab is the right choice as you recover.

Cardiac Rehab at Shannondell

Whether recovering from heart surgery, a heart attack, coronary artery disease or another heart condition, cardiac rehab combines exercise training and education to help patients return to their normal routine and maintain long-term heart health.

Rehab at Shannondell is a new, best-in-class rehab facility with a specialty in cardiac rehab. Through an innovative partnership with Cardiology Consultants of Philadelphia (CCP), Rehab at Shannondell offers an unmatched level of integrated, comprehensive health, therapy, nutrition and social services designed specifically for cardiac patients recently discharged from the hospital.

Our supervised cardiac rehab plans are personalized for each patient and managed by a board certified cardiologist. Our goal is to help patients enjoy their rehab experience while we help them:

  • reduce symptoms
  • improve strength
  • build endurance
  • maximize independence
  • prevent future cardiac episodes
  • make informed lifestyle choices to improve overall health

At the conclusion of your rehab program, you will leave Rehab at Shannondell with the tools and education you need to kick-start your heart-healthy future.

Our Approach

With an eye on your medical progress, our staff is fully dedicated to ensuring that your cardiac rehab is successful. To that end, you may find that we approach your care more comprehensively than other cardiac rehab centers. For example:

  • Your medical care is supervised by a board-certified physician and supported by nurse practitioners and registered nurses, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Cardiac care is provided by a board-certified cardiologist.
  • Daily care is delivered by a team of experienced registered nurses, available around the clock.
  • Exercise training and therapy is provided by highly skilled physical and occupational therapists.
  • A registered dietitian educates patients about heart-healthy living and meals.
  • Discharge planning is coordinated by licensed social workers.

Choosing the best cardiac rehab center is critical to your full recovery. We encourage you to trust your care to Rehab at Shannondell, where you’ll recover well, return strong — and enjoy the experience.


Rehab at Shannondell provides all the comforts of home in a gated, secure community dedicated to improving your recovery. Our amenities include:

  • All private rooms with private bathrooms and showers
  • Spacious and comfortable common areas
  • A therapy gym, including the latest training equipment, located on every floor
  • Full-service, quick-service and bistro-style dining
  • Free wireless internet service throughout the facility
  • Full-service hair salon
  • Beautiful, accessible outdoor courtyards

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10 questions to ask your doctor before selecting a Rehab Center.

“Rehab at Shannondell is so comfortable. You are meticulously cared for by the rehab staff.”

– Art
Cardiac rehab resident